Immersive Visualization for Complex Systems

Short-term survival strategies and an exuberant plunge into building our future are generating a new kind of unintended consequence—hidden fragility. Fragility is a direct effect of the sophistication and structural complexity of our socio-technical systems. It is inevitable. And so is our challenge: Can we understand and predict the behavior of these systems and the social dynamics that lead to their construction? And destruction?

The Macroscope is new tool that provides a macrolevel view of emergent patterns, leveraging recent innovations in hardware and software design for real-time immersive visualization of large-scale complex systems. The Macroscope transcends rapidly changing immersive visualization and high-performance computing hardware by focusing on expanding human cognitive and perceptual abilities to give access to high-dimensional, nonlinear, self-organizing systems.

Come see The Macroscope

at the 2013 Maker Faire.

Here’s the schedule of demos and introductions.

We’re located in the 3D Village (Fiesta Hall): “The Macroscope” Maker #2681.

The Macroscope is a project of ASL, UC Davis’s Complexity Sciences Center, and the Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences.

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The Macroscope