Bioacoustics and the Environment


Insects, Trees, and Climate:

The Bioacoustic Ecology of Deforestation and

Entomogenic Climate Change


    Hidden Fragility of Complex Systems---—Consequences of Change, Changing Consequences

    Insects, Trees, and Climate:

        The Bioacoustic Ecology of Deforestation and Entomogenic Climate Change

    Entomogenic Climate Change

    The Sound of Light in Trees: The Acoustic Ecology of Pinyon Pines

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    Jim Crutchfield, Physicist

    David Dunn, Composer


    Richard Hofstetter, Forest ecologist
    Jayne Yack: Neuroethologist

        Home page

        Battling Beetles: Research on beetle communication leads to new infestation controls


Google Earth tour of beetle deforestation:

1. Start up Google Earth and fly to British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska

  1. 2.Catalog the number of bright red forest patches; these are regions of dying pines.

  2. 3.Next to these patches you’ll see grey areas, these are already dead pines.

Accumulating observational evidence suggests an intimate
connection between rapidly expanding insect populations, deforestation, and global climate change. We review the evidence, emphasizing the vulnerability of key planetary carbon pools, especially the Earth's forests that link the micro-ecology of insect infestation to climate. We survey current research regimes and insect control strategies, concluding that at present they are insufficient to cope with the problem's present regional scale and its likely future global scale. We propose novel bioacoustic interactions
between insects and trees as key drivers of infestation population dynamics and the resulting wide-scale deforestation. The bioacoustic mechanisms suggest new, nontoxic control interventions and detection strategies.